5 Ways to Improve the Value of your Home

As a homeowner, one thing that we pay a great deal of attention to is the overall upkeep and state that our property is in. Ultimately, this not only improves our quality of life in such a residence, but it will also determine what our property is worth. Our home is perhaps the greatest financial commitment we may ever make in our lives, hence the reason it is important to keep this investment strong and growing. So as we all want our homes to be worth as much as possible for both our state of mind and for it’s eventual resale value, please see below for 5 very simple ways to improve the value of your home.

    1.    Update Bathrooms – If you are putting your home up for sale, one of the places that prospective buyers usually have a problem with is the state of the bathrooms. Bathrooms, being smaller in size, usually mean that less investment is needed to bring these rooms to a superb quality, as opposed to say your larger living room. If working with a strict budget, look to first change fixtures, install new lighting, replace the wallpaper or repaint, and replace shower curtains. If you can be more flexible with your remodeling, then bringing your bathroom to today’s standards with a new vanity, contemporary toilet, tiling and more are all fantastic options and will make a huge difference in your homes value.
    2.    Go Green – Now this is a trend that over recent years has caught on and only will continue to do so as our population becomes more aware of being environmentally friendly in our homes and overall lives. Installing energy efficient appliances and technologies not only look more up to date, but also will save you money on your monthly bills. Newer buyers will continue to be more infatuated with these technologies that help us reduce our stamp on the Earth, and they do not cost too much to implement.
    3.    Kitchen – Besides our bedrooms, the kitchen is the room that we spend the greatest amount of time in. It thus becomes crucial that if you are looking to make an impression on your guests and/or prospective buyers, that you update your kitchen as much as possible to today’s standards. From the aforementioned eco-friendly appliances, to having more stainless steel, straight lines, contemporary cupboards, new tiling, granite of other form of countertops and more, the larger the budget the more of these transitional adjustments you will be able to make.
    4.    Landscaping – It’s no secret that the curb appeal of one’s house is incredibly important. From your visiting friends and family to a real estate agent and prospective buyer driving past or down your driveway, the most thought-out landscaping efforts can completely improve an individual’s initial perspective of your home. From a new door, to a fresh mailbox, flowers, trimmed bushes and trees, unique feature such as a water fixture, bench, stepping stones, lighting and more, all are wonderful options.
    5.    Add Light – Light can completely alter the way in which we feel, and in a home this must be taken seriously. From exterior lighting on your porch, to lighting along pathways, the driveway and then of course in the different rooms in your home all impacting the mood and ambiance, there are countless lighting choices.

Do not be overwhelmed with any of these changes. These, without a doubt, are some of the most affordable options that one can decide on. Everyone’s home, in the end, is a work in progress and it all takes time, effort, and money. Determine which area of your property is the most important to you or that would immediately bring you the greatest effect for improving your homes value.